COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery

A COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery is a signed attestation made by a GMC registered Doctor that an individual has a verifiable positive COVID-19 PCR or laboratory verified Lateral Flow Test dated at least ten days prior to using for travel. To obtain a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery a person must confirm they are relatively symptom free and are therefore assumed to have a degree of natural immunity.

Many popular destinations, including the USA, Spain, Canada and Singapore are now accepting COVID-19 Recovery Certificates for entry, though it is always advised to check the requirements before you travel. Click here for the latest USA entry info.

Although PCR tests are more widely accepted as proof of having had COVID-19 a Lateral Flow Test/Antigen certificate MAY be accepted in certain use cases and by some jurisdictions.

A COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery relates solely to COVID-19 and does not offer advice on other medical conditions that may make it inadvisable to travel.

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